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Whatever term you use, Adjuncts are an essential part of the college community.  In many college and university systems across the U.S., including the City University of New York (CUNY), Adjuncts represent the majority in terms of faculty. 

Here are some basics every Adjunct in the CUNY needs to know about benefits, pay equity, and so on, as well as links to articles and websites that address the issues related to adjuncts.

If there are topics that you want to see addressed or if you have questions about Adjunct life, don't hesitate to contact us: 

Adjuncts Are the Majority of CUNY Instructional Staff

Here was the count of CUNY full-time and adjunct instructional staff in 2014:

Full-time faculty: 7,698

Full-time non-teaching instructional staff: 5,269

Part-time faculty: 11,727

Part-time non-teaching instructional staff: 4,655
Source: CUNY Workforce Demographics, 2011-2013

PSC and CUNY Links and Information:

Who We Are [Professional Staff Congress, our union] 
CUNY Adjuncts: Your Rights, Your Benefits
Committee For Part-Time Personnel
The Adjunct Project - CUNY Graduate Center 

University Faculty Senate survey of part-time faculty, 2009
History of PSC Click on link to read article by Yellowitz that makes it clear the contradiction between contingent faculty and tenure-track faculty is as old as our union.

Articles of Interest:

 “Why is College So Expensive if Professors Are Paid So Little?” by Michelle Chen

 "The Social Injustice Done to Adjunct Faculty: A Call to Arms" by Randall Smith

Students in Debt, Professors in Poverty -- What's Going Wrong? 


Crisis-at-the-Boiling-Point, SEIU Report on Adjuncts and Worplace Abuse 

Links to National and International Advocacy Organizations for Low-Income Academic Labor:

Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor
New Faculty Majority
Majority Rule - New Faculty Majority blog
Precarious Faculty blog

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