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Justin, Liz, and Sharifa
Linda, Dan, and Dave (Alan in background)
Will, Kathy, and Joy

Dave, Alan, Jeff

Help yourself to this free Adjunct Grade Stamp from the Modern Disappointment blog.

The scene outside CUNY Central on Wednesday afternoon.
Faculty volunteers prepare to sit in at entrance to CUNY headquarters, Nov. 4. Photo credit: Labor Press, Nov 5, 2015.

Steve Fried's gradebook, backpack, and, oh yes, cat.

Ruth W, Nancy C, and Winsome A taking a break after the spirited Oct 22, 2015, rally at CSI.  Many people at the rally were calling for a new contract and a tuition freeze. We also raised the issue of wanting a contract that's fair to adjuncts.

CSI Adjuncts, this is your page. 

How about a photo of you with students, a photo doing your work, or a photo of your pet helping you grade papers? 

Send your original photos and artwork to

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