What's Happening?

Adjuncts at CSI and throughout CUNY are uniting with graduate student employees, undergraduate students, and with like-minded full-time faculty and staff to press for full support for public higher education. That means a rollback of tuition and significantly increased funding to support adequate wages for all instruction (by part-time as well as full-time faculty) at CUNY.

At the Nov 12 Delegate Assembly, a coordinated action by graduate student employees and long-time adjuncts forced discussion of key adjunct demands for the next contract: pay equity, seniority, and workload flexibility (easing the 9/6 rule). This cellphone video captures a "rehearsal" by several adjuncts and grad students who arrived early.

Speaking of student-faculty alliance for free public higher education, the Nov 12 CSI participation in the nationwide Million Student March was on NY1, with one student and one faculty member interviewed: http://www.ny1.com/nyc/staten-island/news/2015/11/13/students-protest-increased-tuition-at-the-college-of-staten-island.html

Data (to be added soon) from the 2009 University Faculty Senate survey and the 2014 CSI Adjuncts Survey indicate that adjuncts need a significant salary increase as well as a system of job stability and security in order to do our job well.

See Calendar of Events for upcoming opportunities to make our voices heard.

Campaign for Campus Equity

Campus Equity Week itself is finished for this year, but the campaign continues.
Campaign for Campus Equity - New Faculty Majority

View this 4-minute video now and/or show it in a classroom. Students are amazed.
Brave New Films: Professors in Poverty