Submission Guidelines

The Adjunct Faculty Assembly blog is open to submissions BUT ONLY for original photos/artwork and for articles about Adjunct Issues that are in line with the AFA Mission Statement and Goals: Building Community and Power, Winning Equity and Respect. 

If your submission doesn't conform to our guidelines, your submission will be rejected. You do NOT need to be an adjunct at the College of Staten Island or CUNY to submit, but preference to CUNY and CSI adjunct faculty will be given. If you are submitting artwork or photographs, please email them as attachments to the address below and include a short bio of yourself, a caption, and a brief explanation of the image. The following guidelines apply mostly to submission of articles and written work.

  1. DO send us an abstract of the submission (100 words or less).
  2. DO send us a personal bio of yourself (100 words or less). Note: both the abstract and bio can be sent in a .DOC attachment
  3. DO submit unpublished work only
  4. DO submit short pieces (between 200-2000 words, unless otherwise arranged with the staff at AFA) that are about Adjunct Issues. You can submit opinion pieces, op-ed, or purely academic pieces.
  5. Do NOT send graphics, photos, memes, etc. with submissions.
  6. DO send only .DOC files in black, 12 point, Times New Roman standard font.
  7. DO apply industry standards to your manuscript: place your name and your submission title on the first page of the file. Place your last name alongside each page number in a header on each page of the file. **Submissions that do not include this information may be rejected.**
  8. DO NOT send simultaneous or double-dipped submissions; meaning: don’t send us a submission that’s been sent (or will be sent) to another publisher, site, periodical, or collection; don’t send us a submission that you plan on self-publishing (in online, audio, or print media); don’t send us more than one submission.
  9. DO allow us the standard 2-3 months to respond to your submission. We will send a brief acknowledgement that we received your submission. We try to review submissions sooner; however, this is not always possible. If you cannot wait this timeframe and plan on sending your work elsewhere (or self-publishing in any format), then please do not submit anything to us.
  10. Do NOT send us unedited work or work that contains profanity or unprofessional language.
  11. Do NOT send us work that you are unable or unwilling to have edited.

Email submissions, abstracts, and queries to: