Adjunct-CET Professional Development Fund

Every year, quite a few adjuncts receive funds from the PSC to travel to conferences or do research. Several CSI adjuncts have received grants up to $3,000 just in the past few years. The more applications that come in for these grants, the more the union will be able to justify continuing and even increasing the fund.

The application process is fairly simple, and up to now people have been successful more often that not. Basically, you need to write up a brief proposal for what you want to do and how much it would cost, and then get your department chairperson to sign it.

The only difficulty is that you have to spend your own money up front and keep the receipts. After the project is completed, you send in a very very short report and your receipts, and they reimburse you.

Once you receive a grant in any year, they prefer to skip a year before awarding you another one.

The rules and procedures are available here on the PSC website:
Adjunct CET Professional Development Fund

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