Friday, November 13, 2015

An Adjunct Story: Our Economy Is Eating Higher Education

I've grown very attached to teaching (studio art) but I am struggling; this is a common refrain heard the past several years in what has become a countrywide outcry from contingent faculty. Recently, these tremors have been underscored by the reports from the House Education and the Workforce Committee and the Annual report from the AAUP. They paint a dour portrait of the adjunct predicament in the U.S. and I suspect the problems they layout only telegraph greater challenges ahead. We all want a way to support our communities, follow and share our passions and live without a constant fear of illness. Yet, while these aspirations have historically been ripped from beneath the feet of the uneducated classes, it seems we are now seeing the black hole of debt gobbling further up the ladder. . . .

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"An Adjunct Story: Our Economy is Eating Higher Education" by David Loncle (CSI Performing and Creative Arts

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